Mould Storage and Recycling

Company Updates

Due to continued growth and market demand, we are pleased to announce the exciting expansion of our current production capabilities to now include a new 22,000 square foot facility less than 100m from our current head office and production facility located at West Way, Somercotes, Derbyshire.

The new unit, is now open and fully operational, housing our Goods In, Mould Storage and Recycling, GRC Production, Wet Cast Rack Work Production and Steel Reinforcement Fabrication team.

This investment in production facilities not only allows AVS to meet the growing demands of our customers for fast and efficient order production and fulfillment in the most cost-effective manner, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency. It also allows AVS to progress their ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability by way of continually improving systems across the business to minimise the impact on the environment.

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Goods In
Mould Production
Wet Cast Rack Work Production
Steel Cage Fabrication

Mould Storage and Recycling

At Amber Valley Stone, we recognise the need to care for and protect our planet, so we are committed to reducing the impact that our company has on the environment. An integral part of our business strategy is the continuous improvement in our environmental performance.

A significant part of our mould library can be reused or recycled. Moulds use a lot of wood and steel fixings, both of which are reusable. Additionally, moulds can be dismantled and their parts repurposed. Lacquered side panels can be cut down to form the side for a smaller mould and exterior struts can simply be reused. All of which works towards our ongoing commitment to reduce and minimise the impact on the environment from manufacturing.

GRC Production

Our new GRC production facility provides three times more space than our previous one. The addition of a twin mixer, supplied and installed by Power Sprays, (part of Fibre Technologies International) allows for the doubling up of  mixtures or alternatively having a mix running whilst pouring from the other. A dispensing unit allows for the accurate measurement of mixture without having to hand measure.

The new unit also had a dedicated area with two new bespoke ‘curing chambers’ ensuring all required conditions are met throughout the curing process.