How Many Stone Moulds?!

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Its well known that cast stone products are suitable for a wide range of applications, and that for a longer lasting finish, vapour cured cast stone is the way to go – however, how the finished product comes about is not so clear.   

Cast Stone Mould

AVS Vapour Cured Semi Dry cast stone moulds are produced in either standard or bespoke sizing, with the standard moulds sometimes forming the basis for these bespoke moulds.

As the name suggests, bespoke moulds are created for each job, with the final customers specifications guiding the dimensions. We keep 1000s of standard moulds in our indoor mould library, catering for a wide range of products shapes and sizes.

With so many standard moulds in stock, along with our mass-scale manufacturing process capable of a multitude of casts in a day, lead times are lower than that of other specifications available!

Supporting specifiers, architects, builders, contractors and their clients, our sales and technical teams will help to maximise the benefits of cast stone in your construction projects. Whatever your scheme, Amber Valley Stone have the perfect mould for creating or reproducing the beautiful cast stonework you need.  

AVS indoor mould library

If you’re looking for experienced UK cast stone suppliers, get in touch with Amber Valley Stone today, and find out how our team of experts can assist with your project. For further information or to forward your enquiry please contact us on 01773 540707 or