Back in 2018 work started on the site of one of Cheltenhams landmark buildings, the former Police Headquarters on Princess Elizabeth Way on outskirts of the city. Amber Valley Stone was selected by Cala Homes to supply over 19,200 cast stone units for the project.

This was a significant development for Amber Valley Stone, CALA and locals, bringing quality villas and apartments to this highly regarding area of Cheltenham.

With the Constabulary moving to Holland House, construction was able to start on the three vacant buildings, transforming them into 67 new homes.

The planning specification for this project was natural stone, with the cost of this product making the development a non-starter Cala engaged with AVS who tirelessly along side Cala’s planning team to show the Planning officer that reconstituted cast stone is a cost effective yet complementary to the surrounding buildings.

Former Police Headquarters sign, Cheltenham

To achieve a natual look with variance across the elevations three colours of ashlar block were supplied.

A range of products were supplied:

  • Wet Cast: 195 units – 14 Tonnes
  • Vapour Cured Semi Dry: Units 17,954 – 608 Tonnes
  • GRC: Units 1,092 – 43 Tonnes

Sabrina Hassell, from Cala Homes said “With such a complex project such as Cheltenham we really had to plan every aspect of the stone deliveries, we started planning almost a year before site start with Amber and after countless meetings and deliberation on how to manage this project we agreed on a strategy.

Amber worked with our payment system to ensure that the process was as smooth as possible and the schedules matched our purchase orders and with such complex deliveries this was not a small task. We had our own project manager who knew every aspect of the project and was always able to answer any questions we had alongside Joe who kept very close to the project.

With dedicated Project Managers, in-house teams of CAD technicians, joiners and casting operatives, Amber Valley Stone produced, deliver and install over 665 tonnes of precast stone, which met the designs down to the last detail.

Sabrina continues “The best part of using Amber was they completely owned the project and managed the whole package from the start, nothing was ever too much trouble.”.

Client: CALA Homes (Midlands)

Sector: Commercial Development

Materials: Wet Cast, Vapour Cured Semi Dry & GRC

Completion: 2020

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Cast stone products are suitable for a wide range of applications. New developments, refurbishment, renovation, private or public sector – no matter what your project involves, precast stone is a cost effective way of bring the beauty of natural stone to the finished product.

Standard and bespoke moulds are used to form everything, from cills and pier caps to balcony screens and porticos. Have you ever wondered how we do this? Please watch the time-lapse video below to see how…

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Its well known that cast stone products are suitable for a wide range of applications, and that for a longer lasting finish, vapour cured cast stone is the way to go – however, how the finished product comes about is not so clear.   

Cast Stone Mould

AVS Vapour Cured Semi Dry cast stone moulds are produced in either standard or bespoke sizing, with the standard moulds sometimes forming the basis for these bespoke moulds.

As the name suggests, bespoke moulds are created for each job, with the final customers specifications guiding the dimensions. We keep 1000s of standard moulds in our indoor mould library, catering for a wide range of products shapes and sizes.

With so many standard moulds in stock, along with our mass-scale manufacturing process capable of a multitude of casts in a day, lead times are lower than that of other specifications available!

Supporting specifiers, architects, builders, contractors and their clients, our sales and technical teams will help to maximise the benefits of cast stone in your construction projects. Whatever your scheme, Amber Valley Stone have the perfect mould for creating or reproducing the beautiful cast stonework you need.  

AVS indoor mould library

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As you may know, since July, our business has been allowed to re-open. We wanted to assure all customers of the changes we have made and to update on our situation:

  • We continue to follow all government guidelines for safety of customers and staff, and therefore we have less staff in our offices with some continuing to work from home.
  • All desks & work areas are regularly cleaned, with all staff adhering to government guidelines.
  • Despite the changes required in our manufacturing facility, our lead times continue to be 4-8* weeks for delivery, and we remain flexible when trying to accommodate each of our customers requirements.
    *delivery times vary by product specification and mould requirement.
  • We are conducting most meetings ‘virtually’, allowing us to keep abreast of projects, while staying socially distant.
  • From design to delivery, all our teams are once again fully operational.

Our telephone lines are diverted to ensure you can still contact us, and our hours continue to be 0830 – 1700 Monday – Friday. 

You can continue to reach out to us by email, our LinkedInFacebook or Twitter profiles or calling us on 01773 540707

We are carefully monitoring the situation as we are sure you are. The most important thing is to make sure we conduct business in a safe environment.

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Cast stone products are suitable for a wide range of applications, ranging from pier caps and copings to window surrounds and porticos. For an even longer lasting, consistent finish, however, vapour cured cast stone is the answer. Due to the specialised manufacturing process, not all cast stone companies practice vapour curing.  

Here at Amber Valley Stone we offer standard and bespoke cast stone products, with the option for vapour cured semi dry cast stone.

What is the difference? Put simply, the vapour curing process is where a semi dry cast stone unit is placed in a chamber overnight or for a set period of time, and is exposed to set curing conditions involving heat and moisture content.

This not only speeds the curing process up compared to standard air curing but also makes the stone components consistent in their finish

Vapour Curing Chamber

Units that are not vapour cured are reliant upon external, variable weather and temperature conditions that cannot be controlled. This can have an adverse effect on the quality, finish and performance of the final stone units.  

The correct curing of cast stone is essential to resist damage during transportation and construction, as well as for its long-term durability and appearance.  

Example of Semi Dry Cast Stone & Wet Cast Portico

Amber Valley Stone Semi Dry cast stone is manufactured in accordance to BS1217:2008 achieving a 28 day cube strength well in excess of 35MPa with the help of our premium vapour curing technology.

Our Semi Dry product are therefore over 40% stronger that is asked by British Standard, which only requires a strength of 25Mpa.

Amber Valley Stone support specifiers, architects, builders, contractors and their clients, helping to maximise the benefits of cast stone in their projects. Whatever your scheme, our premium vapour cured semi dry cast stone is perfect for creating or reproducing beautiful cast stonework.  

With our mass-scale manufacturing process capable of a multitude of casts in a day, lead times are lower than that of other specifications available!  

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We get asked this on an almost daily basis and wanted to publish some helpful information to assist buyers and specifiers make an informed decision.

Both Semi Dry and Wet Cast stone are a durable masonry product that emulates that appearance of natural stone while bringing much more flexibility to the design and production – and reducing costs.

Semi Dry Cast Stone

Vapour Cured Semi Dry is the most popular cast stone specification we sell equating to 70% of our annual production.

Vapour Cured Semi Dry cast stone is manufactured using a low water content and a blend of high quality sourced aggregates, colour pigments and additives.

The manufacturing process is faster than its Wet Cast counterpart due to its multicast production method, put simply multiple units can be cast from the same mould across a working day, making it ideal for casting repetitive units in large numbers giving a speedy delivery time too.

For a longer lasting, robust product, we vapour cure our Semi Dry units to give them early compressive strength.

AVS Vapour Cured Semi Dry cast stone is a non-structural dressing where a secondary support will be required when spanning across openings.

Wet Cast Stone

Wet Cast in comparison has a longer manufacture process due to its one cast per mould, per day production method with its casts requiring a surface treatment post cast by the way of acid etching.

Due to this labour intensive process Wet Cast can be considerably more expensive than Semi Dry and with longer lead times too.

Wet Cast is highly durable and lends itself to larger units and intricate detailing. It also can be reinforced to make its units structural saving the need for a secondary support or just to give a better detail than seeing exposed steel lintels.

Its units can also be cast in larger components compared to Semi Dry resulting in less joints.

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Correct care of Amber Valley cast stone products prior to installation is vital for best results. When it comes to transporting, storing & opening your delivery, Amber Valley Stone want to ensure the safety of your products and most importantly, yourself.

To that end, we’ve compiled a short do’s and don’ts video on the safest ways to handle our products post delivery. Click on the video to find out more.

For more details of how to care for your cast stone products, storage and installation, please see the pdf documents below.

For Site Handling & Practice, click HERE
For Do’s & Don’ts, click HERE

In 2014 Amber Valley Stone was appointed by Esh Build to design and deliver exposed architectural precast concrete cladding panels for the exterior of the state-of-the-art Northshore Innovation Centre in Stockton on Tees, a 36,000 ft² building for SMEs and new business starts-ups in the digital, scientific and creative sectors.

Amber helped in developing the detailing and fixing methods of the panels to achieve the overall design intent, whilst maintaining a buildable solution for the site team.

The design, which reflects the centre’s modernity and innovation, required a material that was both durable and visually appealing. We produced a clean, contemporary finish using a pigmented precast concrete to achieve a stunning finish. The acid-etched cladding was produced with Spanish Dolomite fine aggregate to create sparkle when light catches the surface.

008 - Case Study - Pre Cast - Northshore Construction-Facade

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The project required 160 panels consisting of plinth units, spandrels, mullions and large gable end panels ranging from 1.5T to 5T with the largest panels being 6m x 2.5m; all manufactured over a 13 week period.

Client: Teesside University

Contractor: Esh Build

Sector: Commercial Development

Materials: Acid Etched Precast Concrete

Completion: August 2014

Amber Valley Stone was selected to supply a number of precast items for John Jones, the prestigious picture framing company which also specialises in fine art and conservation.

In summer 2014, the John Jones Art Building opened in Finsbury Park. The 57,000 ft² New York-style warehouse provides a home to design and photographic studios, a conservation room and several art workshops.

Given the international reputation of John Jones, careful consideration was given to the design of the building, proposed by David Gallagher Associates.

007 - Case Study - Pre Cast - JohnJonesBuilding

Watkins Jones who managed the build, appointed Amber to supply stone of 3 different types: a polished granite plinth, exposed Cornish granite banding panels and Portland Spandrel Panels. Working closely with Gallagher Associates ensured that their concepts were brought to life and to the highest of standards.

Our in-house teams of CAD technicians, joiners and casting operatives enabled us to produce, deliver and install bespoke items which met the designs down to the last detail.

Client: John Jones / David Gallagher Associates

Contractor: Watkins Group

Sector: Commercial Development

Materials: Precast Concrete

Completion: Summer 2014

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As part of Bournemouth Council’s Seafront Development and Regeneration Programme, Amber Valley Stone was appointed by Willmott Dixon to supply precast landscaping features for the Bournemouth pier approach.

We supplied precast planters and island features, designed in keeping with the history and geology of the pier approach. Using white, acid-etched stone, the project featured 54 planters, typically 700mm high and 500mm wide weighing around 1 tonne each. Six feature islands were also manufactured, some weighing around 7 tonnes, and incorporated embossed marine patterns which were formed when the stone was cast by using RECKLI artico® components within the moulds.

Bournemouth Seafront Development

The hard landscaping features, produced with Spanish Dolomite aggregates to give the surface a sparkling finish, can now be seen at the Pier Approach, bringing a new lease of life to the area.

“On this challenging project Amber provided a committed and proactive service in design, delivery and aftercare services. The finished project is a significant addition to the seafront.”

Alex Manning, Building Director, Willmott Dixon

Client: Bournemouth Council

Contractor: Willmott Dixon Construction Ltd

Architect: CEC Limited & MeiLoci

Sector: Hard Landscaping

Materials: Precast Concrete

Completion: Spring 2015

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