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General FAQs

When will I get notified of my delivery day?

When an order is received you will have been issued with a delivery week. We will contact your nominated site contact 24 hours prior to delivery, in most cases we will make contact the week before to confirm your delivery day.

Should you wish to discuss your delivery sooner, please contact our transport department on 01773 540 707

What technical sales support do you have?

To support your project, our sales team along with in-house estimators, project managers and designers have extensive product knowledge and are available to discuss your requirements on site, at your office or over video call.

Please contact us on 01773 540 707 or email us on info@ambervalleystone.co.uk to arrange this.

What are your office opening hours?

Our office opening hours are;

Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm

You can still call or email outside of these hours, we will return your call or respond to your email the next working day.

How do I identify each unit?

To help identify each unit, we attach an A4 pallet card to the top of your pallet stating what units are included within.

We also attach a 2″ x 3″ label that provides further information on the Unit i.e. code, size, weight to name a few.

Do you provide an install service?

We do not have an install team but can certainly let you know of companies that our customers have used in the past.

Please contact our sales team for further information.

Can I collect my order?

We do allow collections but these are strictly by prior arrangement only and subject to the correct vehicle to safely transport the load

Please contact our transport department on 01773 540 707 to discuss your collection.

Are Amber Valley Stone Full Members of the UK Cast Stone Association (UKSCA)?

Yes, Amber Valley Stone joined UKCSA in February 2021. You can find further information about UKCSA here

Cast Stone FAQs

What specification of Cast Stone do I need?

For Cast Stone AVS offers 3 specifications; Vapour Cured Semi Dry, Wet and GRC. You can find out more about their differences here

As always should you wish to discuss your options please contact our estimating/sales team on 01773 540 707

What is your minimum compressive strength for your Wet Cast specification?

We achieve a minimum C50 grade compressive strength at 28 days, using white cement

Please contact our precast estimating team on 01773 540 707 to discuss your requirements.

What is your lead time?

The lead time changes frequently due to various factors. We will always try to help meet your deadlines on site and be as flexible as possible to accommodate your needs.

To find out the current lead time contact the sales team on 01773 540 707 or info@ambervalleystone.co.uk

What colours do you have to choose from?

We have a wide range of colours to choose from, please see our colour chart on our downloads page

Should you wish to order samples you can simply fill out our online form or contact us to arrange on 01773 540 707

I am looking for something a little different, that isn’t in your standard range, what should I do?

Amber Valley Stone has a wide range of standard designs to choose from, however, we also have the in-house capabilities to design and manufacture a wide range of bespoke units with the experience of our designers and mould makers.

Please call 01773 540 707 or email info@ambervalleystone.co.uk with your requirements.

How should we protect cills during construction?

To eliminate mortar dropping on the cills, many clients fit them after the brick walls have been built. Alternatively, a protective plastic cover fitted over the cill while the walls are being built will help protect them.

How should Stooled Cills be installed?

Stooled cills should be bedded using mortar at the ends only during construction with the remaining void pointed with a flexible sealant after construction.

Fully bedding cills can cause them to crack, this can happen not long after install or during the settlement of the building.

Do you provide fixings for your cast stone products?

Sometimes there is a requirement for Amber Valley Stone cast stone dressings to incorporate cast in dovetail slots to restrain vertical units such as jamb units used in window and door surrounds. AVS provides the loose dovetail tie to ensure the correct secure fit. AVS also provides location dowels to connect units together for i.e. in window surround scenarios connecting the cill stooling to the jamb unit.

For coping units AVS offers 2 types of coping fixings these are suggestions and should always be checked by your engineer to ensure the fixing into your structure is sufficient.

Other cast in or loose fixings can be incorporated, if required. We will be advised by your specifier/designer/engineer and can be supplied to us FOC to use or we can offer to procure these on your behalf.

Can your Semi Dry chip on the edges easily?

Semi Dry units can chip on the edges easily if they are not manufactured and cured correctly.

At Amber Valley Stone we follow a strict quality procedure and Vapour Cure our Semi Dry giving it hard edges and early unit strength. For more details on the benefits of our Vapour Cured Semi Dry, please click here.

Can the Non-Structural Decorative Heads accept any loadings from above?

No, Non-structural heads are purely decorative and should be fully supported by a lintel below if in two sections and above if in one. Please refer to our head installation data sheet found on our Downloads page.

AVS can offer self-supporting or structural heads in our Wet Cast specification. Please contact our technical team to discuss your options on 01773 540 707

Can stone be palletised how I want it?

Yes, we can look to palletise your stone how you need it, however, sometimes this is not possible due to how the stone needs to be stacked securely for transportation.

Keep in mind too, that there is sometimes an additional cost for this if more pallets are required and additional space is required on the delivery vehicle.

Can Cast Stone items be repaired?

Yes, but this does depend on the size of the repair and where it is located. For small chips, it is possible to repair these but with any repair they will not be completely invisible.

AVS offers a repair mix for carrying out such repairs. We have uploaded a datasheet for this process on our Downloads page.

Can Cast Stone items be cut or drilled on site?

Units can be cut on site depending on the size of the section and if the units have steel reinforcement within them. You also can drill our units using a standard masonry bit without the hammer setting on your drill.

Before cutting or drilling any unit please speak to your technical team for further advice on 01773 540 707

Are your products off the shelf?

The quick answer is no, we do have a wide range of moulds to cast from that form our standard range but these are all made to order to our standard lead times.

Contact our estimating team to discuss your requirements on 01773 540 707

Precast FAQs

What is your standard precast concrete finish?

Our standard finish is a Medium Acid Etch. We can etch lighter or deeper depending on your specific requirements.

Please contact our precast estimating team on 01773 540 707 to discuss your requirements.

What is your minimum compressive strength for your Precast specification?

We achieve a minimum C50 grade compressive strength at 28 days, using white cement

Please contact our precast estimating team on 01773 540 707 to discuss your requirements.

Do you manufacture Grey Concrete?

We do manufacture grey concrete as well as our standard coloured concrete mixes.

Please contact us our precast estimating team on 01773 540 707 to discuss your requirements.

Do AVS have an engineer?

We do not have an in-house engineer. We are more than happy to work with the project engineer or we can approach a third party engineer and price for this within our quotation.  

Please contact us our precast estimating team on 01773 540 707 to discuss your requirements.

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