What Are The Benefits Of Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) Door Surrounds?

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Amber Valley Stone Ltd is one of very few UK companies to supply Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete products, with over 25 years’ experience in manufacturing GRC. It’s growing in popularity with many of our customers due to its unique combination of high strength, low weight and environmental benefits. But what exactly is GRC, and what is it useful for?

GRC is a type of fibre-reinforced concrete. The production process involves incorporating glass fibre reinforcement into a high-water-content concrete mix, which can then be poured or sprayed into moulds, and de-moulded the following day.

GRC cast stone is lighter than traditional cast stone, using a lightweight core to reduce the overall unit weight.

It’s ideal for products where weight could be an issue such as door surrounds, and can be formed into virtually any size, shape, or finish. Because of its versatility, AVS can easily produce bespoke items that are tailor-made to your requirements, such as window surrounds, canopies, and heads.

See HERE for our Printable GRC Product Focus.

GRC Corbel

GRC Door Surrounds

Key Features of GRC:

  • GRC has the appearance of Cast Stone, yet as it’s reinforced with glass fibres and with its lightweight core it’s typically only 30% of the weight, resulting in lower transportation costs and ease of installation. 
  • GRC can be post fit, meaning that it doesn’t impact on your critical path. Our GRC surrounds and canopies even comes with stainless steel fixings as standard. 
  • Unlike timber, GRC requires no painting, treating or maintenance. We can even match the colour of your existing stonework. 

Amber Valley Stone support specifiers, architects, builders, contractors, and their clients, helping to maximise the benefits of cast stone in their projects. Whatever your scheme, we can work closely with your team to help you find the best cast stone product for your project. With our mass-scale manufacturing process capable of a multitude of casts in a day, lead times are lower than that of other specifications available!

If you’re looking for experienced UK cast stone manufacturers, get in touch with Amber Valley Stone today, and find out how our team of experts can assist with your project.

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