A Look Inside Our Semi-Dry Cast Manufacture

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At Amber Valley Stone we pride ourselves in producing and supplying high quality cast stone. Have you ever wondered how Semi-Dry Cast Stone is produced? Or how we ensure that we create our quality products every time? In this latest blog we take a look inside our manufacturing process at Amber Valley Stone, from our advanced facility through the careful manufacture to the quality dispatch.

Amber Valley Stone’s Semi Dry production facility features the most recent state of the art equipment, along with stringent processes that puts AVS at the forefront of Cast Stone manufacturing in the UK.

Step One: Creating the Perfect Mix

The process begins with our computer controlled batching system, featuring multiple sensors, allowing all raw materials to be constantly monitored for moisture levels throughout the process.

This provides consistent water content within every batch produced, which is critical to product integrity and colour consistency between batches.

Step Two: Forming the Stone

Once the mix is ready, within a strict time limit, our experienced operatives compact the semi dry mix into the required mould. Once the mould is filled, the cast is then turned onto a board and finished. At this stage we attach a product identification label, before it progresses into our curing chambers.

View a time-lapse of this stage of the process here.

Step Three: Curing

The process begins with our computer controlled batching system, featuring multiple sensors. When in our state of the art curing chambers and the daily production is finished, the chamber is then closed and switched on. The chambers produce a high volume of dense water vapour, creating a humid environment surrounding the units. This process is carried out overnight for a minimum period of 12 hours.

Correct curing of semi dry cast stone is extremely important. The vapour curing chambers speed up the initial curing process, when the units are more susceptible to damage. This allows us to achieve a high compressive strength overnight, mitigating common issues of handling and installation damage, it also significantly reduces the risk of efflorescence forming on the units.

Step Four: Inspection and Shipping

Finally, our QA team carry out a full inspection of the units, reviewing the quality and checking dimensionally. They are then palletised with corner and edge protection and wrapped to reduce damage during shipping.

Once they have received the minimum curing times set out by British Standards, they are shipped to site on a vehicle with or without offloading as agreed.

If you are interested in how Semi-Dry Cast Stone could be used in your project, contact our team of experts at Amber Valley Stone who will be happy to answer any questions and assist you further.

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