What is Vapour Curing of Semi Dry Cast Stone and what are the  benefits? 

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Cast stone products are suitable for a wide range of applications, ranging from pier caps and copings to window surrounds and porticos. For an even longer lasting, consistent finish, however, vapour cured cast stone is the answer. Due to the specialised manufacturing process, not all cast stone companies practice vapour curing.  

Here at Amber Valley Stone we offer standard and bespoke cast stone products, with the option for vapour cured semi dry cast stone.

What is the difference? Put simply, the vapour curing process is where a semi dry cast stone unit is placed in a chamber overnight or for a set period of time, and is exposed to set curing conditions involving heat and moisture content.

This not only speeds the curing process up compared to standard air curing but also makes the stone components consistent in their finish

Vapour Curing Chamber

Units that are not vapour cured are reliant upon external, variable weather and temperature conditions that cannot be controlled. This can have an adverse effect on the quality, finish and performance of the final stone units.  

The correct curing of cast stone is essential to resist damage during transportation and construction, as well as for its long-term durability and appearance.  

Example of Semi Dry Cast Stone & Wet Cast Portico

Amber Valley Stone Semi Dry cast stone is manufactured in accordance to BS1217:2008 achieving a 28 day cube strength well in excess of 35MPa with the help of our premium vapour curing technology.

Our Semi Dry product are therefore over 40% stronger that is asked by British Standard, which only requires a strength of 25Mpa.

Amber Valley Stone support specifiers, architects, builders, contractors and their clients, helping to maximise the benefits of cast stone in their projects. Whatever your scheme, our premium vapour cured semi dry cast stone is perfect for creating or reproducing beautiful cast stonework.  

With our mass-scale manufacturing process capable of a multitude of casts in a day, lead times are lower than that of other specifications available!  

If you’re looking for experienced UK cast stone suppliers, get in touch with Amber Valley Stone today, and find out how our team of experts can assist with your project. For further information or to forward your enquiry please contact us on 01773 540707 or info@ambervalleystone.co.uk