Mist-Air Dust Suppression Installation

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Amber Valley Stone recently commissioned Mist-Air to supply and install the latest technology in effective dust suppression systems in both its indoor and outdoor production areas to improve the working environment for staff by significantly reducing airborne dust and odours without wetting floors, stock, personnel or machinery.

The system was customised to control dust in our entire indoor production area, by dispersing a micro fine fog that suppresses airborne dust resulting in improved visibility and working environment. It was then adapted for installation into our outdoor area where the cement silos and stored aggregates are housed and transited which, by their very nature, generate dust daily.  In addition, varying weather conditions can often increase the spread of dust or make it more difficult to manage and clean up without creating more dust. These varying outdoor factors can now be managed by the dust suppression system with its independent timer function that allows for either automatic operation or operation set at pre-determined levels.

Mist-Air Installation inside production area

The system works by producing large quantities of microfine fog from a small amount of water which then floats in the air without falling to the ground, keeping materials, floors, machinery and personnel dry, leaving the environment dust free and replacing it with safe dry fog.

An example of how ultra fine the fog is can be compared to that of an aerosol which sprays fifty microns, the fog created by the dust suppression system is as low as five microns or 5000th of a millimetre when dispersed making it physically undetectable.

Andy Bush, AVS Site Manager, commented, in the short time since its installation he has already seen significant benefits for the production staff.

In the recent extreme heat we have experienced, production staff have not had to come in extra early to ‘beat’ the heat of the day, in fact, we are seeing increased productivity because of cooler dust free working conditions. What we now have is a cleaner working environment together with the added benefit of delayed moisture loss in our cast stone, making the investment into this non-invasive, zero maintenance system a ‘win-win’ all round for staff, health and safety and the production of our cast stone.”

Andy Bush – Site Manager, Amber Valley Stone

A second significant benefit is its effect on our Semi Dry stone in the early and critical curing stage. The curing process causes a chemical reaction to occur which results in moisture within the stone being drawn inwards to its centre. The moisture dispersed in the dust suppression system replenishes the moisture on the outside of the stone prior to their entry into our state-of-the art vapour curing chambers, delivering a further benefit during the curing process.

It is well documented that dust can create both environmental and health hazards in the workplace but it is a hazard that can be managed effectively with a dust suppression system ensuring working environments are safe for our staff to work in, whether inside our production facility or outside of it and importantly, with the added benefit of providing a cooling effect for production staff throughout their working day.

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